If you love to decorate and are looking for design ideas, you've come to the right place!  

I'm Sherina, a realtor and investment professional by trade, and I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, our son and a fur baby.  

If you would like to contact me for a free real estate consultation, please visit my website http://www.century21.ca/sherina.so.

I’m a Pinterest home decor addict, and thankful to have a handy hubby who has turned my Pinterest dreams into reality.  We started this blog to journalize the DIY projects and interior design ideas of our old house, which we sold in 2014.  The Mr. had built us a dressing room, an office built-in unit, beautified the kitchen island, and added chair rail and wainscoting in the living/ dining room, in addition to some other DIY projects you can find here.

We've since moved in to our new house, after a year+ of staying at a rental before it was ready.  It's a smaller house than our previous one, but we're even more excited to outfit this house without sacrificing style.  "Small Space, Big Living" is our new motto.  

The Mr. will be putting in a lot of sweat equity to accomplish each task on my every-growing (new) honey-do list in our new house.  Join us on our journey, as we decorate each room in this cookie-cutter house into our dream home. Come back often to check on our progress, or simply subscribe to be notified of new posts:

If you've enjoyed reading through our decorating journey and would like to receive some advice regarding your own home, feel free to drop us a line at info@classyglamliving.com.