Our Dream Island... in the Kitchen


As I was glancing through my home page on Pinterest, something caught the Mr.'s eyes.  "Wait, scroll back?...  ooh, that's what I'm talking about!"   

We have been to interior design trade shows, home shows, and we were always in awe of the beautiful kitchen islands that were on display.  They would be trimmed with moldings like a piece of furniture, with carved edges or sides.  We are fortunate to have a generous-sized island in our kitchen, and so the Mr. has an ingenious idea - to makeover the kitchen island.   

I've pinned numerous pins of DIY kitchen island makeover, however, I was iffy to give the Mr. any idea to DIY it.  Afterall, if the project fails, it will be an eyesore to live with, and expensive to redo.  I know the Mr. can build things, but this would be by far the most challenging project he would have taken on in our house.  I wasn't too confident about it, but he was overly eager and prepared himself by watching hours of youtube videos on related how-to's.  Then one day, he announced, "I think I can do it, will you let me?"  After a long sigh and thinking twice, I agreed to his endeavor!   

Like a man on a mission, he again showed me his building plan, the dimensions and mock-up pictures.   After lots of elbow grease, our kitchen island was transformed from drab to fab! 

DIY kitchen island makeover | Classy Glam Living
DIY kitchen island makeover | Classy Glam Living

Maybe in time, I would also post a tutorial on the island transformation.  I wouldn't want to waste the in-process pictures I took of the hubby's hard work. 

For now, another completion to our list of kitchen to-do's/ wishlist: 

  • change cabinet hardware - DONE!

  • make pantry more functional - DONE!

  • island makeover - DONE!

  • counter stools for island 

  • close up empty space between ceiling and top of cabinets 

  • backsplash

Would you be brave enough to tackle a home improvement project that may ruin the look or functionality of the original piece?  How much convincing would you need?