Objets d'art for Our Office Built-in

I always knew it, but pretended to ignore it.  As I was looking through the photos of our office built-in for last week's post, I knew I had to face it.  The diagnosis - the shelves glaringly lacked some objet d'art.  We tried to be cost conscious and dared not venture into our favourite home accessories stores...  knowing us, we would go on a shopping rampage to fill up our book shelves!  To furnish the built-in shelves, we shopped around the house, and digged out from our office boxes packed from several years ago, for anything displayable.  But a picture is worth a thousand words, and our built-in is begging to be dressed up - it totally deserves it.   And so, here I go for some window and virtual shopping.

What I am on the look-out for...


I was the reader of the house (not anymore, been lazy) so I have a small collection of books.  The Mr., hmm...  I actually don't remember ever seeing him reading for more than 5 minutes, and if he did, that was most likely a picture-filled magazine of his hobbies.  Anywaysss...  Aside from their usefulness, bookends are the simplest way to add whimsical visual interest to balance the seriousness of a bunch of books on the shelves.  

Gold is all the rage these days.  This pair of gold aircraft and propeller bookends on chrome backing would bring some shininess to the shelves.  I really regretted not getting them!

Aircraft & Propeller bookends shelves styling | Classy Glam Living

I was at Target the other day and saw this pair of brass anchor bookends for their Coastal collection.  Again, why didn't I just grab them? (Click to view source)

Hubby loves anything with an equestrian theme.  He would be happy with this pair of brass horse bookends, and I love the marble base!

To keep with the equestrian theme, I've been seeing a lot of these vintage stone carved horse head bookeneds...  but have yet to find a pair in decent condition at a good (bargain) price.

Since we're on a natural stone path, how about a pair of agate geode bookends?  I love the variety of colours they're available in.  They add an instant colour pop on the shelves.  I think I used to have a pair of amethyst bookends.  Don't tell me I tossed them!

2. EARTHENWARE (vases)

If the boys can have their share of aircraft/ anchor/ equestrian  bookends, then I think we need something feminine to balance the masculinity.  I'm a vase hog and I know I have more than enough at home.  But they're easy to work with on shelves - either on a standalone basis or in groups.

I love anything girly, and the current trend of lace ceramic vases is just my cup of tea!  I saw similar lace vases at Homesense in irridescence...  again, you know what I'm gonna say...  WHY DIDN'T I JUST GRAB THEM??

This one from Target's Nake Berkus collection would be my touch of gold...  on clearance now!

This group of earth vases can be scattered in small groups through the shelves.  I like the toned down colours of the pieces against our dark neutral blue background.


You can never have enough boxes in the office.  Knowing me, I'm bad with filing and can be messy with my mail, opened or unopened.  Large boxes would be great for hiding mail, while knick-knacks can reside in the smaller ones.  I love these stacks for a geometric design or a laquered color pop.

Stack of Boxes | Shelves Styling | Classy Glam Living

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Just as the Mr. is a sucker for anything equestrian, I'm one for agate geodes (as I've introduced above).  These boxes would hold their own, looking all ready and dressed up!

Agate on Box Lids | Shelves Styling | Classy Glam Living

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The hubby has a nice replica of "The Thinker" sculpture on the shelf.  Here are some more fancy stuff that I have my eyes on...

We saw a similar spindizzy at Homesense and the little man couldn't get enough of it!

This pair of gold antlers look very luxe rustic.  Or maybe I should keep it in our dressing room for hanging bracelets?

And lastly, remember my love of natural geodes, need I say more?  This piece is absolutely stunning!  How can I not love it when it's even gold-dipped on the back?

The best objets d'art of our shelves right now?  They're undoubtedly the trophies that the Mr. had proudly displayed.  Those I will not (and cannot) touch =)

Personal momentos are by far the best objects to be displayed on shelves.  But all shelves need some focal interest to complement our personal collections.  Let's take a look at the results of my virtual shopping spree!

Before After Shelves Styling | Classy Glam Living

Hoping to gradually transform our built-in with these objet d'art!  What was your most recent purchase of objet d'art?  What's your favourite item on display at home right now?