New Season | New Website Design

title pic.jpg

You may have noticed some changes around the site.   I decided it's time to revamp the blog design to make it cleaner and hopefully more user-friendly.  What's a better way to welcome a change in season than a cleaner site?  

I wanted to help my readers to navigate through the site easier, so I've gone the unconventional way.  The homepage is now separated from the main blog page, and features the most popular projects on the blog.  You'll be guided to each project's article by clicking on the corresponding picture.  This used to be stuck on the sidebar, crowding that area.  I would like to make the reading experience more pleasant for my readers, by translating the "less is more" mentality to my blog design as well.

Sorry to be throwing you a curve ball after you've gotten used to our site.  I hope this fresher and cleaner look makes the site more welcoming, and it's a change for the better.

Hang around and check out the changes!