WOO HOO! We've moved in!

Master Ensuite New House | Classy Glam Living

We have officially moved in over the past weekend.  *HAPPY DANCE!!!!!*  It's a great relief for us all, including our little fur baby, to be in our own home again!  It's a smaller house than our old house, but after staying at the rental for a good year+, we're glad to have more space at the new house.  Check out my Instagram feed for some snippets of our new house!

Even though this is our third house, it's still a daunting task to unpack all of the boxes.  It's just common sense to unpack and organize the daily essentials first and foremost, starting with the bathrooms and kitchen.  Bathrooms/ toiletries are the easiest for me, and I've purchased some organizers to help with that task.  

Then comes the kitchen...  It's all unpacked, and I've shoved (neatly) whatever I can into the cabinets.  As I unpacked and organized, I was reminded that we really have to be efficiently organized in this smaller kitchen.  I tried to look for wire pullout storage to save the Mr. some time and to concentrate on other to-do's around the house, but their sizes don't fit optimally in our cabinets.  Why buy them for $$$ when they don't fit?  Not to mention, the drawer hardwares are only a fraction of the price of those ill-fitting wire pullouts.  

So, you guessed it, the Mr. will need to build the pullouts himself.  Good that he's done it before at our old house for the pantry pullouts.  

And since we're "saving" on the wire pullouts, we splurged on this blind corner storage unit at Lee Valley.  It's great to not have to crawl inside the blind corner to get the rarely used stuff out!

Blind corner kitchen storage organizer | Classy Glam Living

The kitchen is now somewhat organized, but it's still a work in progress.  Most of the appliances have been installed, minus the hood, but we still need the panels to be put on the fridge/ freezer drawers and dishwasher (see Design Board).  For now, at least the kitchen is functional...  we just need time to go grocery shopping!  I'm sure the Mr. can't wait to cook up a feast in his new kitchen!

With all this organizing going on at home, I figured it's also time to post a new to-do list for our new house.  Our projects at the previous house can still be easily accessible on the "Completed Projects" tab above.  

It's all about prioritization with this to-do list.  We still have so much STUFF even after rounds of moving and purging, that storage requirement comes before any improvement on esthetics - trim work and painting.  The order is flexible, and of course, depending on deals and budgets.

We're going by a daily to-do list to get the house in better order each day.  As time goes by, this builder's house will turn into our home, with our personalized touches and DIY projects, much like our previous house.  Remember to check back from time to time on our progress!


New Season | New Website Design

title pic.jpg

You may have noticed some changes around the site.   I decided it's time to revamp the blog design to make it cleaner and hopefully more user-friendly.  What's a better way to welcome a change in season than a cleaner site?  

I wanted to help my readers to navigate through the site easier, so I've gone the unconventional way.  The homepage is now separated from the main blog page, and features the most popular projects on the blog.  You'll be guided to each project's article by clicking on the corresponding picture.  This used to be stuck on the sidebar, crowding that area.  I would like to make the reading experience more pleasant for my readers, by translating the "less is more" mentality to my blog design as well.

Sorry to be throwing you a curve ball after you've gotten used to our site.  I hope this fresher and cleaner look makes the site more welcoming, and it's a change for the better.

Hang around and check out the changes!