5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Classy Glam Living

Our recent weather in town was like a roller coaster ride.  A week of warm double digit temperature plunged to deep freeze temperature, and this week we're getting another taste of the sweet warm weather!  I'm not complaining of an early start of Spring, but welcoming the warmth full force by refreshing our home's Spring decor.

It's always fun to reinvent new ways of decorating with what you have, and I've committed to using most of our existing Spring decor accessories from years past.  

At our house, I've added some easy touches to give our decor for a fresh Spring look.  Here are 5 simple things that help bring Spring to your home.

1. Chirpy Birds, Nests, and Colourful Eggs

What's Spring without chirpy birds singing at your window (and wake you up so you can't sleep in on weekends)?  I've invited these ceramic birds into our entryway for a happy, welcoming sight.   I kept our entryway decor simple, and layered on some easter eggs and nest decor for some colours.

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Birds, nests, colourful eggs | Classy Glam Living
5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Birds, nests, colourful eggs | Classy Glam Living
5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Birds, nests, colourful eggs | Classy Glam Living

Here's a previous version at our old house, using the same accessories.  

2. Other Natural elements - Greenery / Floral arrangements

If your house isn't already an indoor garden, adding plants or fresh (or faux) flowers would immediately breathe new life into your home.  

For me though, I don't particularly have a green thumb.  Spending around 6 hours of awake time at home after work, minus dinner and family time, doesn't leave me much time or energy to care for plants.  I rely on my trusted faux floral friends to bring us some colours until it's time to switch to fall and winter decor. 

So, wherever I can find a spot, I would add some greenery or faux floral arrangement to liven up our neutral space.

Here in the dining room:

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Greenery & florals | Classy Glam Living
5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Greenery & florals | Classy Glam Living

We haven't decorated our powder room, so a simple arrangement of hydrangeas adds some much needed colour in it.

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Greenery & florals | Classy Glam Living

I've moved this pot of faux orchid around our house, but I think it's finally found a home in our master ensuite.

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Greenery & florals | Classy Glam Living

Here in our family room, a pot of faux grass gives all the navy decor a pop of colour.

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Greenery & florals | Classy Glam Living

Back at our old house, we had 2 versions of Spring tablesetting.  This is the dramatic, which we used while we staged our house for sale:

Spring Decor Dining Table Setting at Old House | Classy Glam Living
Spring Decor Dining Table Setting at Old House | Classy Glam Living

This second version was what the Mr. thought didn't have enough oomph.  Very well...

Spring Decor Dining Table Setting at Old House | Classy Glam Living
Spring Decor Dining Table Setting at Old House | Classy Glam Living

Aside from the greeneries and floral arrangements, displaying fruits in the kitchen is another simple way to add some natural elements to enhance your Spring decor.

I confess, this chrome birds and twigs tray is a new addition to my Spring decor collection.  It's so unique that I just had to grab it from Homesense, even though I had no idea what to use it for...  until I ran out of room on our usual fruit tray with all those clementines the Mr. brought home from grocery shopping, and into this tray they went.

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Greenery & florals | Classy Glam Living

3. Colourful Art

All the greeneries and colour don't end with plants and flowers.  If you had furry pillow covers through the winter months, it's time to replace them with some Spring covers.  For me, these water colour floral cushion covers are a natural extention from the florals and plants around the house.  

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Colourful art | Classy Glam Living
Bluebellegray cushion  from Chapters Indigo

Bluebellegray cushion from Chapters Indigo

Pillow cover from  Craftberry Bush

Pillow cover from Craftberry Bush

Another quick and inexpensive way to add some colours around the house would be with some free printables of Spring.  I love Craftberry Bush's water colour printables and she has this cute Bless Our Nest printable for free on her website!  

If you don't have a colour printer available, it's very inexpensive to print this at a local print shop.  I usually print my quicky artwork on a light weight cardstock at Staples.  You can't beat a decent quality print for under $1!

4. Light weight linens

From window treatments, to throws, to your bedding, it's just natural to change out the heavy weights to light weights as warm weather descends upon us.  

Replacing heavily woven drapery fabrics with lighter fabrics, such as belagian linen, doesn't only lighten the wintery feel, but also lets in more light.  You may consider a sheer-on-sheer window treatment, like this in our dining room, to get the most light through your windows.  

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Light weight linens | Classy Glam Living

Are you still using flannel sheets, with Christmas themes?  Updating your bedding with some light and colourful fabrics is a great way to indulge in the spirit of Spring.  Our fabulous Canadian designers have come out with some gorgeous bedding that make us long for Spring.  

From Sarah Richardson's own textile line:

To Samantha Pynn's collection for Simons:

5. Fresh Scent

Who doesn't love walking into a fresh smelling house?  I used to love plug-ins with floral scents, but recently I've grown to love clean scents.  One of my favourites is White Tea by Westin.  Yes, that's Westin as in the Westin hotel chain.  White Tea is their signature scent that welcomes you as you walk into their hotel lobby.  

I'm so glad that they actually sell this scent, but it doesn't come cheap.  My trick to prolong its usage is to use it with an oil diffuser, which most people use to disperse essential oil for aroma therapy.  


I put 5 drops with a medicine dropper into the diffuser's reservoir, and off it goes for about 8 hours.  The scent that comes out of it is never too strong, but just enough to travel through our ground floor.

It brings back vacation joy each time I take in a whiff of its scent.  The oil diffuser is tucked into a corner at our dining room, behind the wall of picture frames on the table.  It's not something meant to be seen; just a subtle reminder of its delicate scent will do. 

5 Home Decor Ideas for Spring | Westin White Tea oil diffuser | Classy Glam Living

It's so tempting to shop all the beautiful new decor that the stores are carrying for Spring.  It can also be overwhelming when there're so much goodies to choose from.  If I can, I would bring the whole store home...  But with a limited budget or limited patience for shopping (like these miserable men), having a list of general decor ideas would hopefully deter you from overloading your shopping cart.   Guilty of that?

Basic Pieces of Our Hall Table

Looking out the window, blowing snow and all (in the middle of April??), I don't think my previous post on a spring dining tablescape warded off Mother Nature's winter spell.  Can you believe there was a 28C (82F) degrees difference between these 2 days?   Stop teasing us, and let there be spring already!  On a happier note, I have some exciting news to share!  You may already know about this if you follow me on instagram.  I submitted our dramatic dining tablescape for One Kings Lane's instagram event of #homespringhome. Hubby and I were so delighted that our tablescape was chosen and featured on One Kings Lane's instagram!

Continuing with our spring discussion, our entryway table is definitely ready for it!  The eggs have been laid, so to speak, just in time for Easter.

Basic pieces hall table | Classy Glam Living

Soft colourful floral arrangement, easter eggs and nest adorn our baby blue ceramic tree trunk table.  These are the seasonal accessories that we change out of our basic pieces.

Basic pieces hall table | Classy Glam Living

Think about fashion for a minute, your wardrobe should have some key pieces.  A crisp white shirt for work, little black dress for those special occasions, and the list goes on.  These can be all-year-round pieces, and you can spice them up for different seasons with jewelries, colour of your bag and shoes.  Any tablescape can move forward in a similar fashion.

The basic pieces on our hall table are the large vase, the glass display box, and the chrome tray. We change out seasonal items in our basic pieces, eg. In Winter/ Christmas season, I would put some glass ornaments in the glass display box, and some pine cones and berries on the chrome tray.  Whether or not the change is done in time is another story...  (It's quite time-consuming and tiring being a hockey mom...  to a preschooler.)  The clock is there to stay because we need to know the time as we rush out the door EVERY morning!

Changing the floral arrangement is quite a hassle (actually, I'm just lazy), so this is usually here to stay for the spring and summer.  This was my DIY project, and I scoured the internet for real-looking faux blooms.  Many of these came as a bouquet, which I just cut them apart with pliers and snips.  I could've easily stopped at just the flowers, but the hall table is under an "open to above" ceiling, and faux branches of cherry blossoms brings the arrangement more proportional to the high ceiling.

Basic pieces hall table | Classy Glam Living

As I mentioned in my "Coffee Theory" of tablescapes, with a grande size main piece, the other accessories on the hall table should be more airy.  The half-opened glass display case is perfect in this sense.  The see-through open top gives the vignette an illusion of height, without taking away the importance of the floral arrangement.  It also marks its territory on the table to balance out the grande presence.  Without this piece for mid-height real estate, there would be too much of a distance between the height of the floral arrangement and the other flat pieces on the table.  That will look too much like David and Golliath.

Basic pieces hall table | Classy Glam Living

So now, let's get the eggs crackin' and bring on spring!  Happy Easter and enjoy whatever activities you have planned with your family over the upcoming long weekend!

Basic pieces hall table | Classy Glam Living

What are the basic pieces on your hall table?  Do you re-dress them seasonally or are they set for life?