Vacation Withdrawal and This-just-in

So I haven't been active in this blog space for a while. I can only blame it on my laziness caused by vacation withdrawal,  We had too much fun during our 1-week+ vacation and being thrown right back in the grind at work after coming back...  I was too brain fried to write anything interesting.  Instead, I bummed on the couch at night, reminiscing about the food and drinks we devoured during our trip, the beautiful architectural history in Barcelona, Pompeii, Rome, and Pisa, and the hot sand between my toes at the beaches in Cannes and Palma de Mallorca.  Life is a beach sometimes!

Life is a Beach | Classy Glam Living

Seeing that the Mr. has eased himself back to his DIY projects gave me the motivation to start documenting our progress so far.  

Our builder notified us that our new house's closing date will be in the fourth week of September. We practically begged our builder's site supervisor to advance the closing day.  They budged, and we'll be moving-in the second week of September!  Woohoo!  *Happy Dance!!!!*  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

As the Mr. wishes to finish the reupholstering of the 4 French chairs before moving in, he's turned up his turbo DIY engine on those.  The chairs are for a game/ eating/ craft table in our family room basement.  He had removed all previous upholstered material on the chairs down to the frame before we left on vacation.  We picked out the paint colour for the chairs after we came back.  To date, he has primed and painted the chairs in Behr's White Metal, which is a pale grey with a high gloss finish.  He has now started the first stage of the upholstering process - added webbing under the seat. 

DIY refinish repaint reupholster french chairs | Classy Glam Living
DIY refinish repaint reupholster french chairs | Classy Glam Living

With the Mr. revving up his turbo charged engine, I had to keep pace and have finally decided on (and purchased) the fabrics for upholstering these chairs.  We had always loved the Vintage Blossom in Dove by Dwell Studio, and it's great to finally be able to use it in a project. I love this colour combination and it'll work perfectly for our basement. 

Copenhagen, Sky  and  Vintage Blossom, Dove :  Tonic Living;  White Metal :  Behr Paint

Copenhagen, Sky and Vintage Blossom, Dove:  Tonic Living; White Metal:  Behr Paint

Have you noticed that we've been painting our vintage pieces of furniture in a variance of light grey tones (as in the night tables and these chairs)?  We're very into grey furniture ever since we chose it as the colour of our office built-in at the old house.  We prefer re-painting these vintage pieces in a light grey instead of white, as grey gives them a fresh new look without looking too plain in white.  The grey also brings out the details in the piece that would otherwise be underwhelmed in white.  Plus, a high gloss finish freshens up the piece and ups the glam factor.

I will post a complete tutorial on the reupholstering process from start to finish...  depending on when the Mr. can get it done.  For now, I need to get back to my couch potato position.  Before you know it, I'll need to start packing for our move again!  YEAH!  I'm happy about the packing, for real...  seriously!