Little Man's Big Boy Room Reveal

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Classy Glam Living

Moving and unpacking are always stressful events.  Having a kid tag along for the ride is even more challenging.  This is our third move with little man and we always try to minimize any potential hiccups with him by setting up his room first.  This time around, he is older and has more belongings, but we had to start afresh since his new room didn't have any storage units.  It took us some time to get everything in place, which allowed us to take inventory of what kind of storage he needs.  

His room isn't as large as the one at the old house, but it feels bigger with 9-ft. ceiling and wall-to-wall windows (that Mommy loves).  Considering he also has the adjacent room as his playroom, I would say his bedroom is plenty enough.

I wrote about inspirations for his bedroom almost a year ago, and originally wanted colours inspired by a union jack rug (red, navy, and white) for his room.  Instead, I decided to use those colours for the playroom, and kept his bedroom serene with a palette of white and soft grey with touches of navy.

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Classy Glam Living 1

He's had robin's egg blue walls in his nursery, so this time I left the wall colour a lot more neutral.  I was obsessed in searching for a soft grey that's not tinted red, blue, or green.  I finally found one that lots of decorators rave about - Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.  To make it the soft gray that I was after, I had the Benjamin Moore rep lightened it by 50%.  It came out in exactly the soft gray I was looking for!

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | CB2 sleigh bed | Classy Glam Living

We took advantage of the tall ceiling and got little man a sleigh bed.  The high back makes for a comfy lounging spot where he would read (for a bit) on weekend mornings.

For his bedside table, I wanted something of a warmer colour to balance the cool tones of the room.  Something simple with a drawer would be perfect.  This one from Target fits my criteria and the chrome legs are a nice contrast to the rustic wooden top.  As an added bonus, it was on sale when I purchased it! 

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Target Threshold bedside table | Classy Glam Living

To add a bit of contrast to the white and soft grey, we installed an industrial-feel metal wall shelf that also helps to balance the height of the room.  It has some great cubby space to display his treasures!

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | IKEA PS cabinet and CB2 metal wall shelf | Classy Glam Living

Thought I'd try to wrap the shelf with some mini lighted garland I hogged over Christmas.  Little man likes it turned on as his night light as he drifts off to sleep.

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | CB2 metal wall shelf with garland lights | Classy Glam Living

There was a time when little man would bring home these melted beads "artwork" from school.  What should I do when he couldn't part with them?  I tried to save them all, but these are all that I have left...  so I made a short garland out of them as a temporary display until he's sick of seeing them.

Neutral Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | IKEA white PS cabinet | Classy Glam Living
Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Melted beads garland | Classy Glam Living

When little man helps with chores, eg. dusting, he gets a buck (or toonie $2) in his Darth Vader bank.  I think it's time he uses his allowance for his Star Wars mini library so I can free up some budget for my coffee table books!

Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Darth Vader piggy bank | Classy Glam Living

It's funny when I see little man trying to get creative with decorating his cabinet.  I guess it's every boy's dream to be a superhero (or sidekick), driving a red convertible?

Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Classy Glam Living

Baskets, you can never have too many of them.  Spiderman needs a spot to hangout when his job as sleeping buddy is done, and Mommy places the cushions that were stuffed in here to take pictures =)

Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Storage basket | Classy Glam Living

On the wall at the foot of his bed, I would eventually want to hang up his sports jerseys in some sort of shadow box frames.  But for now, this banner I had printed for his FC Barcelona birthday party would serve as wall art.  The photo was taken by our travel buddy when we visited FCB's stadium, Camp Nou.  My photo here doesn't do it justice.

Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | FC Barcelona Banner | Classy Glam Living

In making this a big boy room, and keeping it theme-free, I hope it will last little man a long time as he grows into it.  There're enough cubby space in the wall shelf to change up his obsessions as he grows, and decent storage space in the IKEA cabinet for whatever secrets he may eventually want to lock up.  

Big Boy Room Reveal | Boy's room | Kid's room | Classy Glam Living

I'm glad I chose a neutral backdrop for his room, and I love how his belongings fill the room with personality and colours. When you enter a room, it should convey to you its owner's personality.   My VIP client here is easy going (sometimes) like the room's neutral white and grey palette, casual (track pants) lover like the relaxed industrial modern furnishings, a little bit edgy like the Sputnik light fixture, and definitely opinionated as to what he likes (a sports fan, Marvel know-it-all, and die hard little Star Wars fan). 

I think I've nailed it with this one.  Now if only I can get my client to make his bed with those cushions that are forever stuck in the standard goods basket.  Ya think?

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Big Boy Room for Our Little Man

Big Boy Room Inspirations | Classy Glam Living


Perhaps the grey and dull winter has crept up to me, but lately I've been more preoccupied with dreaming up the fun rooms in our new house.  A playroom in the house is the ultimate fun place, and now I'm onto little man's adjoining bedroom.  As with other rooms in our house, we've gone through several ideas with little man's bedroom.  We originally planned on putting a desk area in his room, but his arts and crafts area will now be in the playroom.  

I would like to try something different for little man's designated areas.  While the rest of our house will be in a more traditional/ transitional style, the playroom's modern industrial vibe will spillover to little man's bedroom.  My jumping off point?  A cool union jack rug, but even better is one that's scrambled!  This FLOR tile rug is every bit cool and sophisticated, perfect for a big boy's room.

And there, his room's theme colours will be red, navy, and white.  With a wildly patterned rug, a light muted grey wall colour would be a perfect backdrop, similar to this wall colour. 

A big boy room would of course need a big boy bed.  The slight wing back on this one looks super comfy.  I also like that it's not tufted, so it seems more unisex.  The rounded wooden legs is a nice nod to the mid-century modern vibe.

Ignore the girly flowers in the photo below...  but the bedside table has simple clean lines and large drawers for storage.  It will pair nicely with the bed above..  Looks simple enough to DIY, don't you think?  Maybe I can add that to the Mr.'s DIY list...

Instead of a pair of bedside tables, a low storage unit placed on the other side of the bed adds a layer of interest to the room.   This one in the photo below is from IKEA, and it has the industrial vibe I'm after.  A feature wall above the unit creates height and balance to an otherwise empty wall.

A super sports fan like the little man would of course need a spot to display his team jerseys!  The wall opposite to his bed will be the perfect spot for his proud display, and he actually has team jerseys in his room's theme colours to match!  I'm loving the jersey display in the photo below (and it has little man's stamp of approval).  I think his jerseys would fit nicely in the Ribba shadow box frame from IKEA.  The use of a coloured mat in the frame is a great idea to give the wall a pop of colour.  

I've learned to appreciate the use of light fixtures to accentuate the theme style of a space.  To round up this big boy room with a modern twist, I think this Supernova fixture gives the room its edgy vibe (and is appropriately named for my superstar!).

I think I've just made the Mr. green with envy of little man's "boy cave", and now his ultimate "bachelor pad".  I hope by styling little man's bedroom as a big boy room, he won't grow out of it too soon!  Keeping the major pieces timeless is key to this room, as accessories can be easily replaced as his taste of the year changes.  

Have you switched over from a nursery decor to a big kid's cool room?  What is your favourite element in a big kid's room?

Playroom Essentials with a Modern Industrial Twist

Kid Space Area | Playroom Essentials | Modern Industrial | Classy Glam Living


One night during our bedtime chat, little man told me that he missed our old house, because it had more room (read, more spacious).  I hear him for sure.  There was a ton of walk-through space at the old house, where he could run around with daddy during gun battles or played never-ending sessions of hide and seek.  

Of course, Daddy and Mommy can't wait to move into the new house either!  So far, it's making good progress, even in this dreary winter weather.  The builder had set up the scaffolding when we drove by last weekend (yes we still stalk our new house every weekend!), so they should be bricking this week.  In the meantime, the Mr. and I continue to play around with room ideas.  Looking at the floorplan, it seems our glass desk would be too large for the spare bedroom, which we naturally designated as our office.

Maybe we can get a smaller desk for the office?  Instead of getting stuck on the notion that we have an office, the Mr. came up with an ingenious idea (yet again).  How about we turn that room into little man's playroom?  

I was reluctant at first, but eventually gave in.  I guess we don't really need a home office - what I really wanted was the storage.  We would use the home office only occasionally back at the old house.  So I think the Mr. is right, the little man can use that extra space for toy storage and also for arts and crafts.

While I prefer the rest of the house to be a more traditional glammed up adult space, I also love the modern minimalist clean lines.  I think the playroom would be the best place to try out this modern and playful twist; maybe even adding some industrial chic!

I would love to incorporate these modern/ industrial elements for little man's playroom. 

image via Restoration Hardware

image via Restoration Hardware

image via

I love the "kidified" modern and clean feel of these rooms.  But clean???  Not sure about that for a PLAYROOM.  So I've come up with a list of 8 essentials for my vision of the modern and whimsical playroom.


To achieve a "clean" look, I would want most of the smaller toys out of sight.  Storage units can easily hide the puzzles, legos, etc..  These units have that modern/ clean/ industrial feel I'm looking for.  I'm leaning towards the Restoration Hardware style.  I'll need to get the Mr. onboard for this DIY project. 

Closed Storage | Modern Industrial Playroom | Kid Space Area | Classy Glam Living


When I was a kid, I don't think I had any problems fitting my toys into a storage unit.  Did I not get enough toys, or are boys' toys bigger than girls'?  I need the open storage because a Star Wars light sabre, or Nerf gun, wouldn't fit into a storage unit!  I would keep these open storage in a neutral tone, just so they don't attract more attention than need be.

sources:  1.  home decorators ; 2. redinfred; 3.  restoration hardware

sources:  1. home decorators; 2. redinfred; 3. restoration hardware


Kids love playing and rolling around on the floor.  A rug would also protect hardwood floors from being damaged by dropped toys.  "Oops, sorry mommy." - heard a lot of that when little man was a tiny toddler, trying to hold onto a toy too big or too heavy for himself.  

joss & main

joss & main

As much as I love this rug, it's a no go for the playroom.  Have you ever stepped on a piece of transparent lego?  No fun.  And shaggy rugs conceal every little piece of toy.  OUCH!

To spare our soles (and souls), we would go with a low pile one.  Maybe even an indoor/ outdoor rug for added durability.  

sources:  1.  IKEA ; 2.  kORHANI ; 3.  pOTTERY BARN kIDS

sources:  1. IKEA; 2. kORHANI; 3. pOTTERY BARN kIDS


Before the idea of this playroom came about, I was going to put an arts/ work area in his room.  I guess now we can spare that space in his bedroom, and move the arts and crafts area to the playroom.  Maybe he'll get even more inspired to channel his inner Picasso!  

I've always loved this round table from IKEA for its simple lines and great surface area.  Its modern look pairs well with any of these chairs, injecting some colours and whimsy to the playroom.

Arts & Crafts Area | Modern Industrial Playroom | Kid Space Area | Classy Glam Living


After little Picasso is done with his art, of course he would want the world to see it.  These are some pretty cool art displays to hang a ton of art.  


With all the going-on's in the playroom, we need some comfortable lighting.  These light fixtures reinforce the modern look of the playroom, while adding a touch of industrial chic.

sources:  1.  DOT & BO;  2.  IKEA ; 3.  RH BABY & CHILD

sources:  1. DOT & BO; 2. IKEA; 3. RH BABY & CHILD


Just like any other rooms, the playroom can definitely use some accent pieces.  It's a legitimate space to add some fun accessories!  I've always loved these cardboard animal busts, and even better when they come in patterns!  The red plaid one would add a splash of colour!  


Lighted marquee letters are everywhere these days. It's also a great way to add accent lighting.  I think I just found another DIY project for the Mr.!

Image via RH BABY & CHILD

Image via RH BABY & CHILD

These art prints are too adorable and they can make up a small gallery wall.  Having them all in grey frames would bring some uniformity to this accent wall. 

sources:  1.  Etsy ; 2. ONE KINGS LANE; 3.  CHAPTERS INDIGO ; 4. ZAZZLE; 5. HAUTELOOK



Last but not least, it's nice to have a spot to chillax in this chillaxing room.  Maybe after all the fighting with action figures, little man would want some quiet time and sit down with a book (in my dreams).  He would need a comfy spot for that, and these bean "chairs" just look so inviting.



Kids go bonkers with tents...  they love hiding in their own private space (as much as parents want to hide from them sometimes?).  I can see little man playing with his action figures in this teepee and then using it as a closed storage :-)



So how will everything fit in little man's tiny playroom?  I've tentatively come up with this layout/ moodboard.

Playroom Layout | Modern Industrial | Kid Space Area | Classy Glam Living
Playroom Essentials with a Modern Industrial Twist | Kid Space Area | Classy Glam Living

It's not a large room, but I want to pack it with fun stuff to look at.  The modern feel is accentuated with clean lines and neutral tones, while accent pieces infuse colours into the room.  This is a room that he can easily grow into as his study room once he's over the toys stage...  but will boys ever be done with toys?!

This room has large windows, which will bring in lots of natural light for little man to play and colour...  especially great during weekend mornings, when Daddy and Mommy prefer to sleep in.  

Did I miss any essentials for a playroom?  Please let us know...  whatever helps us get more sleep on weekend mornings!